WHAT IS THE BLACK LESBIAN DIY FEST?                                                                      It’s a one day festival that hosts self identified black lesbian zine makers, small press owners, artists, filmmakers, and community members to vend their materials, lead a workshop, or screen their short films.

WHEN IS THE NEXT BLACK LESBIAN DIY FEST?                                                              The 2nd Black Lesbian DOY Fest will be held on: Saturday, October 3rd, from 12pm-6pm at the LGBT Community Center in room 101 and 110. The address is 208 West 13th Street, NY, NY 10011.

HOW MUCH IS THE BLACK LESBIAN DIY FEST?                                                                 A full table is $40, a half table is $25 for those who want to vend or table. It’s free for those who want to lead a workshop or screen a film. A donation is suggested when attending film screenings. Free to attend the event. All the money goes towards paying for the space and printing materials.

HOW BIG IS THE TABLE? WHAT ELSE?                                                                              A full table is 5ft. long. A half table is 2.5 ft. long. Each half table receives a chair. Extra chairs are not available.

DO I ALWAYS HAVE TO SAY BLACK LESBIAN DIY FEST?                                                Naw, you can just say BLDF.

WHAT CAN I VEND AT THE DIY FEST?                                                                             Any print based materials created by black lesbians or about the black lesbian experience including zines, chapbooks, books, magazines, art prints, etc.

HOW CAN I HELP?                                                                                                            Black Lesbian DIY Fest is a volunteer based space. From crafting the event flyer, to securing the venue, to day of event logistics, we are always in need of volunteers to help plan the event. Please click here to figure out how you want to be involved.



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